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GAIA EPICHEIREIN was established in 2014 as the result of a broader alliance between agricultural cooperative organisations that collaborated with strategic partners from the IT and banking sector in order to serve a common vision for a more sustainable and competitive Greek agriculture.

The alliance consists of:

72 agricultural cooperatives & associations, which are active throughout Greece and in all main Greek productive sectors, both in plant and animal production. In total, they represent more than 150,000 producers and are ranked among the most important cooperatives in Greece, both as regards their productive activities and turnover.

NEUROPUBLIC S.A., an innovative Informatics and Technology company founded in 2003 in Piraeus, specializing in the development of Web- and Cloud-based integrated information systems and applications meeting high requirements. NEUROPUBLIC has developed the first and only large-scale Internet of Things infrastructure in Greece, installing thousands of wireless sensors, which the company has designed and manufactured, on agricultural land.

PIRAEUS BANK GROUP, a leading banking institution in Greece, which provides, inter alia, integrated banking services and products that are addressed to representatives of the agri-food sector. Piraeus Bank Group participates in the alliance through its subsidiary, the Centre of Sustainable Entrepreneurship EXCELIXI S.A., which develops activities to effectively support sustainable entrepreneurship in Greece.

In May 2022, and in order to meet the high demands of CAP 2023-2027, 23 of the largest agricultural advisory service providers in the country joined the coalition.