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Our contribution to the shaping of a new entrepreneurial culture in the primary and agri-food sector of Greece focuses on more than just providing high-quality innovative services and digital tools within the priority of the green and digital transition. It also focuses on encouraging and supporting cooperation and interconnection between the individuals and entities that are active in the primary sector and the agri-food sector on a local and national level, thus creating the conditions for a holistic model of sustainable growth with benefits for all parties involved. Within this framework, we provide services and implement partnerships related to:

Supporting the creation and development of collective schemes in the primary sector

Our foremost strategic priority is to support cooperation between Greek producers, by creating and supporting the development of collective schemes.

Special emphasis is placed on the creation and support of Producer Organisations, by utilising all financial instruments provided in the framework of the CAP — and others — in order to create the structures that will provide Greek production with the desired added value, with continuity and a raison d’être in the domestic, European, and international markets, independently of and beyond subsidies.

Thus far, we have contributed to the formation and recognition of more than 100 Producer Organisations, with an emphasis on the olive and fruit-vegetables sector, and also actively support a number of Producer Organisations in the implementation of their business and investment plans.

Contributing to the regional development of the primary/agri-food sector

Recognising the critical role of Regions in the development of the national agri-food sector and rural areas in general, we have set as one of our main goals to communicate and cooperate with the regional authorities of Greece.

To this aim, inter alia, we are members of the Agri-Food Cluster of the Region of Central Macedonia while in 2019 we joined the Agri-Food Cluster of the Region of Central Greece.

Interconnecting the primary and secondary sector with openness as a goal

Through our memorandum of cooperation with the Greek Exporters Association (SEVE),we aim to jointly implement actions in order to connect the primary and secondary sector of Greece with activities that promote export orientation and the support any type of export activity by organised structures in Northern Greece.

Reducing food loss and food waste/strong>

We are a member of the first ‘Alliance for the Reduction of Food Waste’ in Greece, which was formed at the initiative of the ‘Boroume’ NGO and AB Vasilopoulos. The fundamental purpose of the alliance is to reduce food waste in Greece, which will have multiple positive impacts and lead to social, environmental and financial benefits. The primary sector can play a decisive role in the key goal of reducing food loss and food waste, which is one of the main policy goals of the European Green Deal and the Common Agricultural Policy after 2020.