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Business Development / Export orientation

One of our key strategic priorities is to create the conditions for healthy and sustainable business growth in the primary and broader agri-food sector, by providing support to the relevant stakeholders through consultation, financial and technological products and services. Our services are continuously updated and enriched with guidelines and good practices originating from European and international experience.

The green and digital transition as guarantees of economic, environmental and social sustainability, as set out in the framework of the major horizontal priorities of the European Green Deal and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), form the frame of reference and basis of all services we provide for sustainable business growth in Greek agriculture and the agri-food sector.

Within this framework, beyond supporting the utilisation of the tools available as part of the 2ndPillar of the CAP, we provide targeted services related to the promotion of healthy and sustainable entrepreneurial growth and export orientation, concerning:

  • support of agricultural and agri-food enterprises and organisations investment plans in the framework of the Development Law, for the planning and implementation of business plans, and for their participation into agri-food innovation clusters.

    • we support cooperatives and agri-food enterprises in preparing cost-benefit and techno-economic assessments, in the collection of necessary documents, and the submission of applications for inclusion in the ‘General Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Micro and Small Business Entrepreneurship’ schemes of the Development Law 4399/2016 for a total requested budget of more than 3 million Euros,
    • we have successfully submitted and are implementing, as Coordinating Body, a business plan concerning the ‘Isotopic identification of the geographic origin of olive oil’ in the framework of the invitation to the Innovation Clusters (IC) of the General Secretariat for Research and Development. This ambitious plan involves 10 Greek oil-producing cooperatives and the AXION AGROTIKI company. It concerns the improvement of the competitiveness and the protection of high-quality Greek olive oil in the battle against adulteration, through the creation and implementation of an Integrated Geographic Traceability System, which will allow for the certification of the geographic origin of olive oil.
  • our active participation in the development and support of innovative entrepreneurial schemes, such as «LA SITIA S.A.», company, a venture that contributed a new era for the historic Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Sitia, and the creation of new prospects for cooperative entrepreneurship in Greece. The company was created in partnership with INSPIRING EARTH,RAIDESTOS companies, and the Union of Agricultural Cooperative of Sitia and its purpose is to collect, process, standardise, package, trade, distribute and sell agricultural products, with a special focus on olive products and olive-based derivatives, from the olive producing zone of the broader Sitia region.
  • Support of producer organisations/cooperatives for the implementation of agricultural product information and promotional projects in European and other third country markets. In the framework of Reg. (EU) No 1144/2014 on information provision and promotional actions for agricultural products implemented in the internal market and in third countries, the EU financially supports promotional campaigns on an annual basis for EU agricultural products. These are designed to create new opportunities in the market for EU farmers and the broader food industry, and also help them improve their businesses.
    Major cooperative bodies in Greece have trusted us to support the implementation of information and promotional activities for their products, assigning us the role of executive body in relation to the following programmes:

  • The design and implementation of communication & marketing activities activities for the promotion of agricultural products and cooperative enterprises, such as social media campaigns, support for participation in exhibitions, designing and developing websites and promotional materials, etc.