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Our Brussels Office has been active since 2015. Its main mission is to monitor European developments that impact on our activity and to provide GAIA EPICHEIREIN and its members with relevant updates, while also representing them and deploying networking and lobbying activities vis-à-vis EU institutions and representative bodies of the primary and broader agri-food sector at EU level.

We are a full and permanent member of the Copa & Cogeca, the European think-tank Farm Europe , as well as the Εuropean Forum For Agricultural & Rural Advisory Services (EUFRAS), representing public and private agricultural consultancy providers on an EU level.
Within this framework we systematically support our members – agricultural cooperatives in their participation in important forums and events organised by EU institutions and representative bodies of the primary and agri-food sector.

During our long-term presence in Brussels we have participated in numerous meetings and events, actively taken part in important congresses, undertaken significant initiatives, and formed strong bonds and alliances for the support of our members and Greek agriculture in general. To name but a few:

  • We took active part on the establishment of the Farm Europe, which started operating in November 2018.The purpose of the Platform is the collaboration of entities from EU member-states working on the digital transformation of the European agricultural sector, with the aim to exchange good practices and promote the digitalisation of agriculture in the framework of EU institutional reforms.
  • We were members of the Coordinating Committee of the Eat Original – Unmask your food’ European Citizens initiative, which was concluded in October 2019 with signatures from the citizens of 7 EU member-states, calling on the European Commission to impose mandatory origin labelling for all food products, in order to support producers, protect citizens’ health and prevent fraud,
  • We have organised an event dedicated on Greek agriculture at the premises of the Copa & Cogeca in November 2020, on the occasion of the publication and presentation in English of our study  (Developments, challenges and priorities in the agriculture of Greece)


Greeting, Christiane Lambert,  President, Committee of Professional Agricultural Organisations (COPA) – 7th Panhellenic Congress on the Development of Greek Agriculture

Greeting, Ramon Armengol, President, General Committee for Agricultural Cooperation in the European Union (COGECA) – 7th Panhellenic Congress on the Development of Greek Agriculture 

Υves Madre, President of the European Think Tank FARM EUROPE