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Smart Farming

Based on the top-level expertise and experience of our strategic partner from the IT sector, ΝEUROPUBLIC , we are a dynamic part of the national and European effort for the digital transition of the primary sector, in accordance with the goals of the European Green Deal and the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

The planning and development by NEUROPUBLIC of the gaiasense smart farming system, was placed at the service of our strategic orientation, aiding and enriching the support services provided to Greek producers and their businesses.

It collects data from on-site sensors in fields, satellites, scientists, and the producers themselves, aiming to support and optimise the decision-making process and precision applications in agricultural holdings, by providing valuable tools to agricultural consultants and researchers so that they may effectively respond to the needs of the productive world, and to the major challenge of sustainability, by contributing to producing more (and better) with less.

The gaiasense smart farming system has been implemented since 2015 and is continuously developing in relation to a variety of crops and regions, not only in Greece but in the EU, having achieved important quantitative and qualitative results towards a balanced economic and environmental sustainability of agricultural holdings.

At the same time, with its continuous growth as a holistic service, it is constantly innovating with new services that substantially contribute to the democratisation of smart farming, making it accessible to all producers in Greece, and familiarising them with the tools of the new digital age.

Such a service is the gaiasenseapp, an innovative smart farming app based on the technological infrastructure of gaiasense, that brings smart farming to every farmer’s mobile phone. With more than 320 agrometeorological stations installed from the fields of Evros to the island of Crete, and the utilisation of scientific models on irrigation, fertilisation, and the plant protection of each crop, gaiasenseapp has the technological and scientific infrastructure required to provide highly precise and effective information and advice, and thus support every field and crop in every region of Greece.

For all of the above reasons, the gaiasense smart farming system has been recognised as a best practice for the green and digital transition of the primary sector, and has been presented in Brussels and at events in EU member-states on numerous occasions.