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From our very first year of operation, we organize on an annual basis the Panhellenic Congress on the Development of Greek Agriculture.

The Congress was designed with the ambition for it to act as a forum which, on an annual basis, would attract policy-makers and institutional representatives at EU, national, and regional level, as well as agricultural and cooperative enterprises, businesses from the broader agri-food sector, researchers, experts and academics from Greece and the EU, in order for them to share their views, experiences and proposals regarding the modernisation, competitiveness and sustainability of Greek agriculture.
As part of the Congress, issues related to the most recent developments in terms of European and national agricultural policies are discussed, with the selection of themes and guests being based, inter alia, on our significant experience and networking in Brussels, and more specifically our presence and participation in leading EU organisations such as COPA-COGECA, FARM EUROPE and EUFRAS.
The contribution of the Congress in providing information to the productive world of Greece and all interested parties, and to the promotion of the public dialogue on the national primary and broader agri-food sector is a recognized fact.

The Panhellenic Congress on the Development of Greek Agriculture has also vitally contributed to putting knowledge, innovation and the digital transformation of the primary sector on the national agenda, highlighting them as priorities, well before they became cross-cutting objectives of the Common Agricultural Policy and the European Green Deal.

For these reasons, the Congress has become an institution in the public dialogue on the national primary & agri-food sector, its representatives looking forward to participate in it each year.