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The most important challenge the European and national primary sector, as well as the broader agri-food sector, are called upon to face, involves their sustainable growth embracing the three dimensions of sustainability: economic, environmental and climate-related, and social s.

That means working towards a primary sector that:

  • is productive and competitive and ensures a fair income for producers and adequate, high-quality, healthy and safe food for consumers,
  • preserves and safeguards our valuable natural resources, the soil, water, and biodiversity, and which effectively adapts to climate change, while helping to mitigate its impact,
  • is in a position to attract young farmers and contribute to the overall growth of rural areas as its main core and motivator.

Based on the outstanding know-how and experience of our strategic partner from the IT sector, NEUROPUBLIC, we operate as a dynamic part of the national and European effort for the digital transformation of the primary sector, in accordance with the objectives of the European Green Deal and the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

The planning and development of the gaiasense smart farming system by NEUROPUBLIC was placed at the service of our strategic orientation, thus aiding and enhancing the support services provided to Greek producers and their organisations.

The contribution of gaiasense to the economic and environmental sustainability of Greek agriculture in recent years has contributed to its recognition as a European best practice in the green and digital transformation of the primary sector and has presented on numerous occasions in Brussels and at events in EU member-states.

At the same time, through the large number of Communication & Information actions we develop, the most emblematic of them being the Panhellenic Congress on the Development of Greek Agriculture, we have significantly contributed in putting digital transformation on the agenda as a strategic priority for the sustainable growth of Greek agriculture, long before it became a cross-cutting objective of the Common Agricultural Policy and the European Green Deal.