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We are the key supporting entity of Greek farmers and agri-cooperatives, providing information, policy support and services that allow them to become more sustainable and competitive while making the most out of EU and national financing tools.

A basic parameter for the development of our activities is to systematically monitor and follow European and international developments that have an impact on the national primary and agri-food sector and on Greek producers. Particular attention is paid to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which is the main frame of reference and support for all representatives of the EU primary and agri-food sector and for national governments.

We are the most important supporting entity for Greek producers and their organisations, assisting them successfully in the effective understanding and utilisation of tools and measures of both Pillar 1 (direct payments) and Pillar 2 (rural development) of the CAP.

We also utilise our high level technical expertise, as well as numerous European and national financial instruments besides the CAP, for the provision of services that support the healthy and sustainable business growth and export orientation of entities active in the primary and agri-food sector of Greece, while developing essential synergies and networking among them.

The common aspect of all our activities & services is knowledge and technological innovation, through the continuous development of digital tools designed by our technology partner from the IT sector, NEUROPUBLIC. The relevant digital tools are made available to our partners easily, quickly, and safely through the mygaia portal, which operates in a cloud environment. They complement our top-level know-how and enhance the knowledge and networking of all stakeholders in the primary and broader agri-food sector, while their successful implementation over a number of years has helped make digital transformation a reality for thousands of producers and agri-food enterprises in Greece.

At the same time, however, we are a dynamic part of the national and European effort to digitise the production process itself, in accordance with the objectives of the European Green Deal and the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The development of the gaiasense smart farming system by NEUROPUBLIC is serving our strategic orientation, by strengthening and enriching the support services provided to Greek producers, their organisations and enterprises.

For a more effective development of our activities throughout Greece, we have designed and operate a continuously expanding Panhellenic network of certified Farmers’ Service Centres (FSCs), which support Greek producers and provide them with information and easy access to our supporting services, regardless of how remote their agricultural holding may be.

The successful development of our activities and services is also enhanced by our continuous involvement in European projects that are related to our strategic priorities, and by our long-standing presence in Brussels through our active participation in prestigious European organisations and think tanks, such as COPA – COGECA, FARM EUROPE and EUFRAS.

Our many years of experience, top-level expertise and broad range of activities in Greece and abroad are outlined both in the high level of provided services, and in our commitment to systematically inform the parties involved in Greece’s agricultural economy as regards developments on agricultural policy both on a national and European level. The best tangible example of this commitment is the Panhellenic Congress on the Development of Greek Agriculture, which has been organised on an annual basis for the past seven years, and has become an institution in the public debate regarding the primary sector of Greece.