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VAT Refund

This is a new specialised application that concerns the refund of V.A.T. for Special Scheme Farmers, which was developed to serve all beneficiary producers, as well as Agricultural Associations and Cooperatives implementing this procedure on behalf of their members.

The specific application quickly and easily ensures that the special F6 form is completed and ready, along with the attached tables required for the application’s submission to the Tax Office, regardless of how the application will be submitted: i.e. whether the application is submitted directly by the beneficiary producer to the Tax Office or through the cooperative organisation.

Furthermore, it can act as a tool for any accounting firms wishing to obtain a customer base from the agricultural sector or to serve their current clients.

The application is available autonomously, but offers additional advantages when combined with other GAIA EPICHEIREIN services.

In the former case, all the producers’ details and all invoices they have issued or received that have to do with products or services are easily filled in and recorded, i.e. the serial number of the invoice, the date, the T.I.N. of the buyer, the quantity, the price, the product, or the service in some cases. This information is then printed out ready to be submitted.