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The COOPID project is a proposal for an innovative and effective strategy that aims to inspire European producers and encourage the adoption of cohesive and sustainable bioeconomy business models in the European primary sector, while taking into account regional and sectoral particularities. At the same time, it aims to create bridges for cooperation and the transfer/exchange of knowledge between stakeholders, while strengthening the limited support for investments in R&D linked to the creation of new bioeconomy value chains.

Its implementation framework provides for the development of a network of ‘Bioeconomy Clusters’ from 10 European countries, with the participation of a broad range of stakeholders that include: producers, cooperatives or other collective schemes in the sectors of agriculture, forestry and aquaculture, representatives of the industry, the public sector, and the research and academic community.

COOPID has already secured the participation of a total of 73 collaborating bodies as partners in the ‘COOPID Bioeconomy Clusters’.

The Greek Bioeconomy Cluster is coordinated by GAIA EPICHEIREIN and consists of five (5) collaborators: