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Shaping the Future of the Agricultural Sector

The Digital Transformation of the Primary Sector
7th Panhellenic Congress on the Development of Greek Agriculture
Proceedings | 7th Panhellenic Congress on the Development of Greek Agriculture
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LIFE GAIA Sense – Innovative Smart Farming Services
In 2014 a pioneering scheme was launched in Greece: a powerful alliance between the primary, banking and technology sector, represented respectively by 71 agricultural cooperatives, the subsidiary of Piraeus Bank Group ‘Excelixi S.A.’, and NEUROPUBLIC S.A. The synergies that we were the first to envision and implement and our joint strategy aiming at a more sustainable and competitive national primary sector driven by knowledge and technological innovation, are currently depicted in the objectives and tools of the Common Agricultural Policy and the European Green Deal.

We are shaping the future of the agricultural sector, based on three strategic priorities:

  • Promoting knowledge and technological innovation, as a tool for economic, environmental and social sustainability
  • Supporting healthy and sustainable entrepreneurship in Greece’s primary sector
  • Cultivating and enhancing cooperation by supporting and strengthening collective schemes in the primary sector, while also developing synergies between all stakeholders involved in the rural economy


Our services are addressed to individual producers, collective primary sector schemes (cooperatives, producer organisations and groups) and agri-food businesses, covering their needs both as regards regulatory compliance with the European and national institutional framework, as well as their sustainable entrepreneurial growth, by utilising all opportunities and financial instruments available.

Digital Tools

The common aspect of all services we provide is technological innovation, through the continuous development of digital tools that are made available to our partners easily, quickly and safely via the mygaia portal, which operates in a cloud environment. These digital tools complement our top-level expertise, strengthen the knowledge and networking of all stakeholders in the primary and broader agri-food sector and have already made the digital transformation of Greek agriculture a reality for thousands of producers and agri-businesses in Greece.