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Logging Production Activities

The possibility to digitally record works carried out at an agricultural holding via the GAIA Croplog provides a reliable and easily accessible database that is valuable to producers on several levels:

  • to cover their regulatory obligations in the framework of multiple compliance, i.e. regarding the use of sound and environmentally-friendly practices, which is a requirement in order to receive direct payments, and on the observance of which they may be checked up on,
  • to support the economic and environmental sustainability of their holding, in the framework of adopting practices such as smart farming, which, in order to be effective, require the existence of a digital diary (log) of the actions carried out in the field by the producer,
  • to ensure traceability in all agricultural production stages, from the primary sector (field) to the secondary sector (processing-standardisation), thus gaining high added value for the product on the shelf,
  • for a more effective and “smarter” management of their agricultural holding, since having a clear picture of their overall inputs/outputs and other crucial parameters will enable them to more easily and effectively plan their financial and operational strategies.

GAIA CropLog is an easy-to-use and effective tool that introduces producers to the digital age, with multiple benefits for their income and their response to current environmental and climate-related challenges.