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Sheep & Goat Registry Completion

Sheep and goat farming is an especially important productive sector for Greece, ranking it among the leaders in the EU (goat meat) and the world (sheep's milk). Sheep and goat farmers are called upon to apply electronic identification for all sheep and goats born after 2010, by using either an electronic eartag or an electronic bolus, and enter them into the electronic registry of the Veterinary Service. From there, they receive the relevant documents, which they fill out in order to enter them into the Sheep & Goat Registry. A useful digital tool provided by GAIA EPICHEIREIN is used in this process. This tool allows every producer who is submitting a Single Aid Application to receive detailed advice and guidance on the correct completion of the process. The data entry is directly connected to the electronic identification system and is submitted to the Veterinary Database in order for the Sheep & Goat Registry to then be updated.