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Christos Tsichitas was born in Koufalia, Thessaloniki in 1960. He has graduated from the School of Electrical Engineering of Thessaloniki. He loves agriculture and the agricultural way of life and Αγαπά τη γεωργία και τον αγροτικό τρόπο ζωής and has made it his life's mission to contribute to re-emerging the values of agriculture for the economy, the environment and society..

He comes from an agricultural family, he grew up and lives in an urban area and since 1980 he is activated in the agricultural entrepreneurship sector. He is among the first farmers who engaged in contract farming of pulses in the Prefecture of Thessaloniki, Greece

In 2007 he took the lead in the foundation of the ''Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Thessaloniki EASTH'', of which he is the Chairman and CEO until today. EASTH represents all producers of the wider area of Thessaloniki.

Since 2009 and for 11 consecutive years he was the President ot the Agricultural Cooperative of Koufalia, and between 2013-2015 he was a Member of the Board of OPEKEPE.

He served as a Member of the Board of PASEGES as well as a Member of the Board of GAIA EPICHEIREIN between 2015-2018.

He served as a Member of the Board of SASOEE, the Association of Agricultural Cooperative Organizations and Enterprises of Greece.

He is the Vice President of the Cotton Working Group of COPA-COGEGA and a founding member of the Cotton and Rice Interprofessional Organizations.

He has organized numerous workshops and conferences, and has significantly contributed to the conception of the agricooperative concept both theoretically and ideologically.

He makes public interventions through articles and interviews in both printed and online means, in order to express his ideas on the Greek agricultural sector and the cooperative concept. At the same time, his effort towards informing and guiding the agricultural stakeholders is constant, having only in mind the social balance and justice among the agricultural world.

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