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Elli Tsiforou

Challenges in the production, trade and self-sufficiency of Greek Agriculture

December 2022 • 32 pages

The research study titled "Challenges in the production, trade and self-sufficiency of the country's agricultural products", was initiated by the need to ascertain the degree of vulnerability of Greek agricultural production in a Greek and global environment.

The study presents estimates of the production, foreign trade and self-sufficiency of the main agricultural products of Greece, in order to assess the challenges, assess their impact on meeting needs and identify the products characterized as vulnerable due to the low degree of self-sufficiency. and limiting exports.

The study is based on the processing of the volume of data, trade and consumption, but also on the determination of the degree of self-sufficiency of each product in the period of three years 2018-2020, as derived from the summary tables included in the Appendix.

A few words about the author:

Elli Tsiforou is the CEO of GAIA EPICHEIREIN since September 2022. Between January 2020 – August 2022 she held the position of General Manager, while during the five years 2015-2020 she was the head of the Brussels Office of the company. She is a graduate of the Department of Communication & Media of Panteion University and holds a Master's Diploma of Advanced Studies in Information and Communication Sciences (Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies en Sciences de l'Information et de la Communication) from Stendhal University – Grenoble 3, France.

She has worked for more than 10 years as a policy advisor on agriculture and rural development in the European and Greek Parliaments. She was also Director of the office of the Minister of Culture and Tourism during the Interim Government of 2012.