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Producer Organisations in Greek Agriculture

July 2021

The study ‘‘Producer Organisations in Greek agriculture: Activities, legal and financial support framework, challenges and priorities’’ is an attempt to assess the state of affairs in relation to horizontal cooperation between producers in Greek agriculture, under the umbrella of Producer Organisations. The assessment is done at the level of structuring, activities and the national institutional & financial support framework.

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the long-term support it provides for the establishment, development and institutional shielding of Producer Organisations (POs), is the prism through which the issue of horizontal cooperation is approached and for this reason the data and analysis presented focus on Producer Organisations. However, given that the CAP’s support to Producer Organisations is largely utilized by Agricultural Cooperatives, a leading form of horizontal cooperation between producers and an institution with a long tradition in Greece and the EU, the study presents some recent data on the activities of the most important Agricultural Cooperatives in the country.