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Elli Tsiforou is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GAIA EPICHEIREIN, a broad coalition between agri-cooperatives & farmers that have teamed up with partners from the IT sector (NEUROPUBLIC SA), the banking sector (PIRAEUS BANK GROUP) as well as with 23 of Greece’s most important agricultural extension agencies, sharing a common vision of a more sustainable and competitive Greek agriculture based on knowledge and innovation.

Between January 2020 – August 2022 she held the position of Director General of GAIA EPICHEIREIN, while during the five-year period 2015-2020 she was the head of GAIA EPICHEIREIN’s Brussels Office.

Elli has studied Communication & Media in Greece and in France and has worked for more than 10 years as policy advisor on agriculture and rural development at the European and the Hellenic Parliament. She was also Chief of Staff to the cabinet of the Minister of Culture and Tourism during the Caretaker Government in 2012.

She has participated in congresses, written articles and published translations mainly in the fields of media theory, political communication and agricultural policy.

She speaks English, French and Italian.

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