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GAIA EPICHEIREIN promotes its projects at the 9th Panhellenic Congress for the Development of Greek Agriculture

The 9th Panhellenic Congress for the Development of Greek Agriculture by GAIA EPICHEIREIN, which took place on Monday 17 July with a thematic focus on “Greek agriculture towards 2030: achieving sustainability with the support of the CAP”, provided an ideal opportunity for GAIA EPICHEIREIN to disseminate some of its flagship projects, such as PLOUTOSQuantiFarm, and ENFASYS, with the CAP4Clima project being highlighted throughout the Congress.

The Congress was completed with great success; more than 3.000 participants watched live and online 31 distinguished speakers from Greece and the European Union addressed key issues, with the participation of representatives covering the full spectrum of the agri-food sector.

GAIA EPICHEIREIN’s projects, focusing on aspects like improving the sustainability of the agrifood sector, were a perfect match to the theme of the Congress and raised interest among the event’s participants.

The roll up banners of GAIA EPICHEIREIN’s projects were strategically placed in the area right in the front of the Congress room entrance; this allowed for high visibility among the Congress participants entering the room.

Dr. Nikos Marianos, Senior Project Manager, presented the PLOUTOS project focusing on its outcomes, in the context of the Congress.

On top of that, GAIA EPICHEIREIN’s Project Managers and staff participating in the Congress were available to provide more information about the projects to the participants of the event.

Through fruitful discussions with key agrifood stakeholders, they aimed at informing them about the projects and their beneficial technological solutions for agriculture.