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Information campaign CAP2Shelf “From policy support to shelf”

Useful information on CAP in co-operative product packaging, on the occasion of World Consumer Day

GAIA EPICHEIREIN, as part of its mission, has set a priority in informing citizens – consumers in relation to the role and contribution of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to the sustainable transition of agriculture and food systems.

CAP2Shelf’s aim is to inform citizens-consumers in a hands-on manner about the policy support provided by the CAP towards building sustainable food systems, by establishing a direct link between the policy information provided and specific products they consume, basic food products attracting high consumer interest, thus maximizing efficiency of dissemination and impact. By linking agricultural sectors, food products and relevant policy support the information campaign aims to render the sustainability contribution of the CAP more relevant and understandable to consumers while at the same time contributing to bridge the communication gap between farmers and consumers, thus raising awareness on the CAP’s fundamental role as a partnership between agriculture and society. Facts and data were provided, in a clear and concise way, in relation to the CAP support directly linked to specific food products that consumers find on the shelf. Policy information presents the CAP’s support to the sustainability of specific agricultural sectors linked with the product on the shelf as well as to the CAP’s horizontal contribution to food sustainability, food supply chain balance as well as to food sufficiency, safety and quality.

This information is presented (in Greek) in a dedicated section, incorporated in GAIA EPICHEIREIN’s website, including also important findings of major surveys (i.e. Eurobarometer survey “Making our food fit for the future – new trends and challenges”, Special Eurobarometer 520, Future Consumer Index Greece 2023) regarding consumers’ perception on actors’ responsibilities for the EU’s transition to a sustainable food system, main responsibilities of farmers towards society and factors influencing the consuming habits of the public.

Moreover, the web section includes the whole series of the 6 CAP4food infographics, with more ample information originating from the work undertaken in the context of the Sectorial Study/Survey, as well as the Information Measure’s brochures, CAP4food brochure and CAP2Shelf brochure.

Launch and implementation of information campaign

The information campaign entitled “CAP2Shelf – From policy support to the shelf” was launched in March 2024.

On Friday, March 15, on the occasion of the World Consumers Rights Day, executives of GAIA EPICHEIREIN were at the retail store of the Agricultural Livestock Cooperative of Mesotopos of Lesvos, in Ilioupoli (Attica), in order to directly inform consumers by highlighting European policies such as quality schemes, organic production, food traceability and labeling as well as the strict standards set by the EU for safe, quality, healthy food. In fact, consumers had the opportunity to ask questions and reflect their concerns.

During March, with a simple scan of a QRcode available on the shelves of the retail store, consumers will be able to learn more about the quality and safety of the food they choose, as well as the role of CAP in supporting sustainability of food systems. Namely, the QRcode will be redirecting them to the dedicated section CAP2Shelf.

In order to raise awareness on the task and maximize the dissemination of outputs, informative material was circulated and media representatives were be invited to cover the action. GAIA EPICHEIREIN executives also took the opportunity to ask consumers visiting the selling point  questions related to their level of information/awareness on the CAP. What seems to impress consumers the more were the quality schemes (GIs), organic food production and the ways they can recognize the correspondent logos on the packaging of food products.

The information campaign is part of a wide network of communication & information campaigns on the CAP designed and implemented by GAIA EPICHEIREIN and co-financed by Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission in the context of the project CAP4Food “Sustainable agricultural sectors for sustainable food”.


CAP2Shelf “From policy support to shelf” is implemented in collaboration with Agricultural Livestock Cooperative of Mesotopos of Lesvos.

The ALC of Mesotopos of Lesvos is operating since 1923 and lies its philosophy in ensuring the safety and quality of their products, while respecting the environment and health/safety of their employees and consumers. Their policy is to produce, and supply consumers, pure dairy products of a consistently high level of quality, safety and taste, which fully meet the emerging modern demands of our consumers. The ALC of Mesotopos is an excellent example of how a Cooperative can be benefited from the CAP, by already having formed a Producer Group in milk and dairy products’ sector and joined a Program of Genetic Improvement of Sheep.

In June 2018, the ALC of Mesotopos started the production of feta cheese PDO, conventional and organic. The Cooperative was led there after the prolonged economic depression of the markets, putting into practice the support to the agricultural sector and the product derived from it, ensuring its survival. Thus, for the first time in the cooperative’s history, they started making cheese from their milk, decisively supporting the livestock farming of western Lesbos. They have also started the production of ladotyri cheese PDO.

Firmly supporting the efforts of Agricultural Cooperatives to provide quality products to consumers, strengthening not only the productive structure of Greek agriculture but also the local economy and society, GAIA EPICHEIREIN chose to carry out this specific informational activity in the store of its shareholder Agricultural Livestock Cooperative of Mesotopos of Lesvos which very recently started its operation in Ilioupoli (Attica). This is the second retail store of the Cooperative (the first was in the Modiano Market in Thessaloniki), where the products of ALC of Mesotopos are available: mainly cheese and dairy products (such as feta cheese, anthotyro, oil cheese, etc.), but and other products from Lesvos more widely. The “flagship” of the Cooperative’s products is Feta PDO of Mesotopos from 100% fresh goat’s and sheep’s milk.

World Consumer Day

World Consumer Day is celebrated every year on March 15. It was established in 1983 by a UN decision, commemorating a speech by US President John Kennedy, who outlined the four basic consumer rights:

  • Satisfying basic needs
  • Security
  • Information
  • Selection