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CAP4Food | Sustainable agricultural sectors for sustainable food

A key parameter for the development of our services and activities is the alignment with European and international developments affecting the primary and agri-food sector. Particular emphasis is placed on the course of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the basic framework of reference and support for all representatives of the primary and agri-food sector of the EU as well as for national authorities.

In the context of the systematic Communication & Information activities that we develop, the effort to inform the country’s agricultural world and all interested parties in relation to the developments and the available support tools for the CAP today and in the future is included.

Currently (2023-2024) we’re implementing the Information Measure CAP4Food “Sustainable agricultural sectors for sustainable food” aiming at increasing awareness among farmers, rural stakeholders and the general public on the CAP’s objectives and policy tools supporting the economic, environmental and social sustainability of agricultural sectors and food systems, with a specific focus on knowledge exchange, innovation and digitalization that act as catalysts for the sustainable transition.

In the framework of CAP4Food, information and communication actions will be implemented in relation to the CAP and particularly from the perspective of the developments concerning the main production sectors of Greek agriculture (fruit and vegetables, olives & olive oil, cereals, wine, milk & dairy products), not only because of the importance of the latter in terms of volume and production value, but also due to their connection with food products of great interest to the consumer.

CAP4Food Actions

The main activities that will be implemented within the framework of the CAP4Food project are the following:

➡️ National Congress

Themed “What CAP do we want for Greece and the EU? The big challenges facing agriculture now and in the future”

➡️ Sectorial Study/Survey

Focused on “Challenges and Prerequisites for the sustainable transition of key production sectors in Greek agriculture”

You can download the publication here (Greek)

➡️ Open Smart Farms 4 Consumers

Informative Sessions & on-the-spot guided visits to smart farms and informative sessions

1st event: AGROTICA 2024: GAIA EPICHEIREIN initiatives on the developments of the CAP and the digital transformation of Greek agriculture

2nd event: Getting to know smart farming at Kalamata, Greece

➡️ “Did you know that…”

Social Media Campaign on the CAP’s support to agricultural sectors and food system sustainability

➡️ CAP2Shelf – From policy support to the shelf

Information campaign launched in retail stores on the occasion of the World Consumers Right Day

➡️ Op Ed Articles

Publication of articles focusing on CAP in mainstream newspapers