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EU funded projects networking during the 6th PanHellenic Congress

GAIA EPICHEREIN organized the 6th edition of the PanHellenic Congress on the Development of Greek Agriculture that took place at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), on Friday October 25th under the theme “Innovation for sustainable agri-food systems : the present and future of the CAP”.

The Congress attracted keynote speakers from Greece and the EU. In addition, more than 750 representatives from the farming community, the academic & research community, from regional, national and EU authorities as well as major stakeholders across the agri-food chain in Greece and EU, gathered together in order to share their vision on Greek and EU agriculture and exchange views on the challenge of sustainability for the agri-food sector from the perspective of innovation and highlighted current and future policies, with a particular emphasis on the Common Agricultural Policy, as well as innovative solutions across the EU that help to balance the three dimensions of sustainability: economic, environmental and social.

In the framework of such event GAIA EPICHEREIN had also the opportunity to discuss with Congress participants and inform them about the funded projects from the European Union, in which GAIA EPICHEREIN participates such as DataBio, Polirural, IPM Decisions, LIFE GAIA SenseTomRes and STARGATE and to foster networking.